Index of names in relation to the dominion of Ordefima

Adana - Chief nurse at the Asylum.

Adeline - Wife to Kester. Sister of Leopold Bellaquin.

Agustin (Drafer) - Tall and good with spears.

The Annals - Huge collection of books and writings, dating back to the earliest known times, kept in the Home of Annals and overseen by Kester.

The Arena - Ampitheatre beneath the Court Platform.

Arthur (Vistash) - Archer who beats Jankin at the Festival of Fighting.

Ashlars - Lumbering beasts of the Waolings.

Asvondes - Mother and father of Caterina.

The Asylum - Home and hospital to the Disfigures.

Astra - Key star in the night sky, thought to help bring prosperity.

Ayovo - Girlfriend of Loetus.

The Balaltura - Palace of the ruling family.

Bantum Lane - Long stretch of road, winding and undulating from Ordefima to Odecama.

Bardolph - Close friend of Jankin.

Bellaquins - Ruling family of the dominion. Listed here together in age order.

Leopold - Marquis of Ordefima. Master of the Fleet.

Lydia - Wife of Leopold so Marchioness of Ordefima. Lady of the Plants.

Isodor - Eldest son. Master of Trade.

Linus - Second eldest son. Master of Animals.

Jankin - Third eldest son. Master of Fuels.

Rupert - Youngest son. Master of the Mint.

Socha - Only daughter. Lady of the Goblet.

Besom - Manager of the Preserve.

The Big Wood - Large expanse of broadleaved forest between the Town and the Wall.

Bozan - Personal servant to the Bellaquins and head of service at the Balaltura.

Chateau Turata - Home to the Fontainbleaus.

Caterina (Asvonde) - Wife of Rupert Bellaquin.

The Circle - Revered arrangement of stones with magical light giving properties.

Circles of Fire - Geothermic area active south of the Grasslands.

The Clearing - An area within the Big Wood used for Rituals undertaken during the solstice.

Column of Creation - Multi layered obelisk added to with each generation of Bellaquins, in the colour associated with each individual.

Court of the Seven - Large building where the main decisions are made at quarterly meetings. The seven being the six Tutelors and the Marquis (who has the casting vote).

Court Platform - Attached to the Court, from where decrees are made to the people.

The Crack - A break in the Wall.

Danny - A regular drinker in Tavern Gadimuro.

Disfigures - Unfortunately born with physical defects. Kept at the Asylum, apart from the people. Considered unsafe in many ways.

The Dolmens - Main mountain range to the north.

Donnybrok - Follower of Estella.

Draden - City dominion to the south. Strong in trade. Ruled by the Shafford family. Recognised by black insignia with red crosses.

Dwindum - Main river that flows through the middle of the dominion from a source way up in the Dolmens.

Mount Everlea - Tallest peak of the Dolmens.

Estella - Tutelor of Illumination. Keeper of the Circle. Follows the stars. Close to Socha.

Falcon - Lead Officer of the Court. Friend of Rupert’s.

Febracen - Rupert’s marital home.

Festival of Fighting - Held every four years. A competition between males from across the dominion and beyond got them to prove their prowess with weapons in a non violent manner.

The Fields - Rural area, sparsely populated, mainly used for farming.

The First Book - Written in the first years of the dominion. Thought of more as an allegorical guide than a true history of the early days of the dominion.

Florentia - Alluring and bold girl, much favoured by the Bellaquin boys.

Fointainbleaus - Family that resides at Chateau Turata. Haters of the Bellaquins. Listed here together in age order.

Greeson - Head of the family. Aspires to rule the dominion.

Gublea - Wife of Greeson.

Tibby - Only daughter. Loves Bardolph.

Jayo - Oldest son. Has an unhealthy fixation for Socha.

Kenith - Youngest child.

The Gandalic - Enormous cavern. Hideout of the Gharids.

Gaticus - Ancient leader of the Gharids. Seeks revenge for the slaughter of his kind.

Georgette (Kapceep) - Young girl befriended by Rupert.

Gerald - A regular customer at the Tavern Gadimuro.

The Germinid - The Gharid name for the Goblet of Fecundity.

Gharids - A type of large reptile with the ability to freeze minds.

The Goblet of Fecundity - An orchid shaped vessel made from precious rock found in the mines. Of unknown age, it has special properties of power and fertility.

Gloria - Girlfriend of Linus. A Recidervan of the first family there.

The Grasslands - Wide stretch of land south of the Town.

The Great Bank - An immense dam built to hold back the waters of the Lake.

The Great Bear Glacier - Far to the north west.

Grobu - Head bandit. Originates from Odecama.

Gusno - Island dominion favoured by Isodor.

Halbert - Tutelor of Lessons. The youngest tutelor. Rupert’s teacher.

Hasbrook - Son of Kester, with differing views to his father.

Hetty - Girlfriend of Jankin.

Highgreen Gates - Situated at the entrance to Ordefima from the Waolings.

Hirlest - Capital of Reciderva.

Home of Annals - Second only to the Balaltura as a building of status, with two tall towers. Library to the dominion.

Home of Illumination - The Circle.

Home of Lessons - The dominion’s school, linked underground to the Home of Annals.

Home of Medicine - The dominion’s hospital.

Home of Signs - Curious constructed of trees and leaves, residence to Suky, and her cat.

Home of Weapons - Solid, squat building, where the dominion’s weapons are forged and stored.

Jayne - A follower of Estella.

Kapceep - A young sentinel. Also the mother of the same.

Keeper’s Lodge - Derelict building on the Waolings.

Kester - Tutelor of Annals. The most senior tutelor. Married to Leopold’s sister, Adeline.

Lasos - A friend of Willy’s.

The Lake - Inland sea of great size. Source of Ordefima’s fish.

Lisa Ruems - Trade controller in Draden.

Loetus - Messenger to the Marquis. Best friend of Rupert’s.

Logan - Assistant to Rupert at the Mint and not liked by him.

The Luroghs - Mountains across the Waolings.

Marcellus - Tutelor of Weapons. Head of the sentinels.

Marja - A follower of Estella.

Meava - Tutelor of Medicine. Mentor to Rupert. Gives personal care to Lydia.

Medial Mountains - Mountain range in the western part of the dominion.

The Mint - The dominion’s bank.

Nancy - A disfigure with special qualities, drawn to Rupert.

Neven Avenue - Main highway to Draden.

Odecama - Dominion to the south, inhabited by a short race of people.

Parec - Dominion beyond the Preserve. Home to the Regius bird, whose feathers are much treasured.

Pass of the Ancients - Narrow way through the Dolmens, which legend says was used by Wilhem the Settler to come to the dominion with his band of travellers.

Pectoderms - Large beasts of Odecama, often hunted.

Plains of Rain - Flat, uninhabited and wet, this wide area lies to the west of Neven Avenue.

Pudgets - Aggressive pets of Greeson’s. Resemble dogs.

The Preserve - A fenced off and untouched hinterland full of wild animals and plants, kept pristine by Ordefima.

The Quarry - Near the mines, where building materials are fashioned.

Ranald - Owner of the Tavern Gadimuro. Best friend of Isodor.

Ranfigars - Large plant eating animals that roam in herds in the north east.

Reciderva - Wooded dominion to the north, less advanced.

The Regius Bird - Large rare bird with colourful feathers that is found beyond Parec.

Riccy - Young boy from the Town.

Ritual of Fecundity - Bi-annual event connected to fertility and renewal.

Rock Nymphs - Mysterious spirits that inhabit the Dolmens.

The Rolling Hills - Named aptly for their shape. Febracen lies within them.

Ronav - Close friend of Lianna.

The Rumbling Peaks - Band of mountains marking the southern border of Ordefima. Considered very difficult to pass through without danger from landslides.

Salvor - A friend of Rupert’s who was tragically killed when horse riding out of control. He was prone to drinking in excess.

Sentinels - Soldiers of the dominion, operating mostly at the Balaltura and the Home of Weapons.

Shaffords - Ruling family in Draden. Black skinned. Listed in age order.

The Marquis - Large and noisy man. A ruthless leader.

Warren - Eldest son. Considers himself a fine fighter. His big grin conceals a cruel heart.

Lianna - Wife of Warren. Her family came from outside of Draden. Daughter of a highly skilled Head of Fuels. Greatly admired by Rupert.

The Saltflats - Lie east of Neven Avenue. A source of salt which is stored in many barns on an otherwise empty horizon.

Shelagh - A maid at the Balaltura.

Shignasta - Idyllic dominion far to the south. Warm and relaxed.

Smart - A learned intellectual who wrote much on the meanings of the First Book.

Sorley - Job dodger, friend of Linus. Likes gambling.

The Steaming Lines - A stretch of volcanic activity next to Bantum Lane.

The Stream - Runs from the Dwindum, close to the Balaltura and on in to the Waolings.

Suky - Tutelor of Signs. Can see possible futures. A widow. Keeps a cat.

Tavern Gadimuro - The largest tavern in the Town, owned by Ranald. Offers rooms as well.

Tessa - Shignastan. Girlfriend of Isodor.

Thaddeus - An old friend of Caterina’s.

Thranilby - Small settlement in Odecama.

Thomas (Homand) - A Recidervan, good with the lance.

Tomb of the Ancients - Burial place in the Dolmens of all the most revered of Ordefima.

Tomudi Tree - Grows in the Big Wood. Source of golden resin.

The Town - Where most people live and work. Most major buildings are here.

The Town Square - Centre of trade and hub of communication.

Vucusa - Grobu’s chief bandit. An Odecaman.

Vumlash - A bandit. Cousin of Vucusa.

The Wall - Vast structure built for mysterious reasons to a great height. Runs along the entire eastern border.

The Waolings - Endless expanse of swamp to the east.

Wilhem the Settler - Renowned and revered, the leader of the first people to come to Ordefima.

Marquis Wilhem - Grandson of Wilhem the Settler. Founded the dominion and set out a policy of peace that endured seventeen centuries.

Will (Farlisk) - Swordsman.

Willy - Young man employed by Linus to work with the animals.

Windridge - Main settlement in Odecama.

Yarema - A young sentinel.

Zeckemin - Innkeeper in Windridge.

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